Off-menu order. 2013 Best of the Twin Cities

Dogwood Coffee Bar barista Keith Mrotek has been handcrafting drinks for a decade, so he’s got more up his sleeve than the already-excellent options available at the popular Calhoun Square caffeination spot. We adore his off-menu Gibraltar with chocolate, a four-ounce amalgam of espresso, artfully poured steamed milk, dark-chocolate powder, powdered sugar, and Madagascar vanilla. The drink, which leans more heavily on the espresso than a mocha, is sweet, but subtly so. (The chocolate-free version has a notable lineage: it was developed by James Freeman, owner of the Bay Area’s groundbreaking Blue Bottle Coffee Co.) Though purists may scoff at the presentation—in the tiny glass tumbler that serves as the Gibraltar’s namesake—we like the way it showcases the beverage’s earthy hue and frothy texture. • 3001 Hennepin Ave. S., Mpls.,